Monday, September 3, 2012

No Ordinary Apple

Marlowe, Sara.  No Ordinary Apple: A story about eating mindfully. Wisdom Publications.  June 2013.

Yes - 2013!  Time is flying!

I was completely prepared to be annoyed at this book. It's subtitle sounded more than a little preachy!  But I was curious enough to request it from Netgalley, and was pleasantly surprised.  The story about Elliot and his caregiver, Carmen is a little contrived.  Elliot expressed his disappointment in the apple Carmen offers for a snack and tells her he was hoping for candy.  But the story is just an excuse for a lovely, detailed, sensory description of the experience of eating an apple.  The writing was much more fun than I expected.  Like Elliot, I could barely wait to go try some other foods, maybe even some I don't like, just to see what they smell, sound, and taste like.  I especially liked the concept of tasting in all the different parts of my mouth. 

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