Saturday, October 13, 2012

I haven't stopped reading, even if blogging fell off the radar!

Two yummy books from Net Galley:

Pale by Chris Wooding was exciting and thought provoking - until I realized it was a tease, and I only had the first few chapters!  So far, it seems like it would need almost no salesmanship - a book that could easily go viral.   This is an edgy take on some of the same themes from Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt.  A serum makes it possible for people come back from the dead and live for ever.  The only problem is that it only works for certain people and it is very expensive.  People are angry at the "pales" (people who are brought back and live forever) and society is crumbling.  I definitely want to finish the book!

Another delicious book:
The boy Sherlock Holmes; His Final Case.  by Shane Peacock

This is the end of a series that delivers on its promises.  I find that when watching a Sherlock Holmes TV take off, my mind wanders into the back story stunningly and believably provided here.  However, I feel that this would be a hard sell in my library.  Fun for me partly because I have enough background information to summon old London up in all its creepy glory.  (The description of Graves End is worth the price of admission! )  For kids who don't already know and love S.H.  - it just wouldn't be the same experience.

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